PH405  2-Strap (Classic/Unisex)
PH406 (2 Strap)
Soft  and Narrow
PH172 (Ribbon)
Super soft, flexible, machine washable, durable,
reusable, arch support, and floats in water.  Brown and
Black: (5 - 13)
...  Plus S/H $7.75. (US only.

*For every add'l Pair add $3.00 thereafter on S/H.
For women, offers arch support, soft and narrow, with
similarity to classic style.  Available in brown.  Sizes
are (5-10).
 Plus S/H $7.75. (US only),

For every add'l Pair add $3.00 thereafter on S/H.
Flexible, machine washable, durable, reusable,
and arch support.  Sizes:
S-5, M-6, L-7, LL-8, XL-9 - 9 1/2.
Come in brown and black..Plus S/H  $10.00.
(US only).

For every add'l Pair add $5.00 thereafter on S/H.
For Women - Nice with One buckle, durable, arch support
and molded footbed, cushy, and soft.  Comes in brown
color. Size 6- 10.  Note Plus S/H $8.00.  (US only)

For every addt'l pair add $5.00 thereafter on S/H.
PH1686 (One Buckle 3 Strap Slide)
For Men - Rugged, firm, leather like, and                       
comfortable to  wear  indoors or outdoors.  
It's                     soft cushioned  footbed.   Women should
be a size smaller than  actual size.  Comes in brown   
Sizes : 8 - 13.  Plus  $10.00  S/H.

For every add'l pair add $5.00 thereafter on S/H.
PH186 - ( Everwear)
PH330/ PH327/ PH328/PH329- (Multi-Beaded Thong/Slide)
PH119 - Multi-Relax Straps
For women. It features attractive beads or jewels on the
straps, with comfortable sole, good arch support, and
it's waterproof.
Size: 6-10
.  Plus $10.00 S/H

For every add'l  pair add $5.00 thereafter on S/H
UNISEX.  It's very light, smooth, and thicker sole.
Women should wear a size smaller than actual size .  
Speckled and Navy/Green available are 5 & 6 only. . Speckled
Red/White is not in stock.  
The Solid
Black and Solid Navy are available in sizes 6-10.
Navy sz 7 is sold out.  Plus S/H  $8.00.

For every add'l pair  add $4.00 thereafter on S/H
Unisex.  It's s cushy, sturdy, and supersoft,  It  has
molded footbed,  arch support, and braided thong
strap.  Women should wear size smaller than actual
size.  Color: brown; black. Sizes are: 7 - 13. Plus
$10.00 S/H.

For every add'l pair add $5.00 thereafter on S/H.
PH198 -  Toe-Toe- Air Thong
PH114 - Ocean-Deep Thong) Sandals
PH114 - Ladies -  very light, sporty-casual.
Made from closed cell elastomer that is,
corrosion resistant, non-marking, and non-
odorous..  Color: Black; Navy-Blue
sizes 6-10.
Plus s/h $10.00 (US only)

For every addt'l pair add $4.00 on s/h.